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[免費]Deceit 10月13號開始免費


Hey everyone,

As I’m sure many of you have seen our studio recently expanded as we secured a large investment for an upcoming open world title which was announced via various news outlets late last month. For those of you that are out of the loop you can read more about that here[improbable.io]. We’re using that to show some love for our existing fans through greatly expanding the scope of our upcoming update to Deceit and making the game free to play. In addition to this, we’re offering anyone who already owns the game, or chooses to buy it prior to the update, a bunch of goodies so you can celebrate with us.

Starting October 13th Deceit will be completely free meaning all the users emailing us, tweeting at us and direct messaging us that they’d love to play with their friends and fans can link them to the store, wait for them to finish downloading it and hop in to a game. We believe Deceit is at it’s best when enjoyed as a fun party game and now to further bolster that, everyone is invited.

For existing players and those that choose to pick up a copy prior to the update, we have a special pack of four exclusive cosmetic items, a 3 day experience booster and 10 loot booth tokens which we will be rolling out shortly – our way of saying thank you for all of the support shown to us throughout developing our studio’s first title. For those of you who like to unwrap your presents early, below is a shot of Hans and Nina showcasing a sneak peak of the exclusive gear: An ‘innocent’ shirt, an ‘infected’ shirt, a new look for the pistol and a terror jawbone melee weapon.

In case you missed it, you can read about the upcoming gameplay changes in the patch preview thread here[playdeceit.com], where we still welcome additional discussion whilst we’re fine tuning things for release day. As always, stay up to date with us by following on Twitter, Facebook and Twitch TV[www.twitch.tv] for all of the latest news.

Sam Hills
Community Manager


舊 2017-10-13, 08:39 AM #1
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看了一下Steam下面的差評內容, 這個多人遊戲似乎是沒有什麼人在玩了

- 排到天昏地暗都排不到人==

- 鬼服了 無語

- 這遊戲已經廢了

- 這個遊戲他要是剛剛出來的時候搞好服務器搞好全部問題肯定不會鬼服

- MD整個服務器一個人都沒有 能告訴我 為什麼嗎? 我也是服了。

- Nobody plays on the correct server. 60 people on US servers, only like 10
of them speak English.
Only good for playing with a group of six friends exactly. No more, no less.
Even under those circumstances, the game gets boring very fast.
Slow development.
Community managers are terrible. Banned me from Discord for trying to report a group of players that were griefing me.
舊 2017-10-13, 12:18 PM #2



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